(active dreamer. . .)

Talk about a simple formula for an



OPTIMISM = achiever! 

be an active dreamer - ATTRACT

(second step towards the dream)

I'm done with my first step towards my JAPANESE DREAM which you can read HERE. So now, I AM READY to take yet ANOTHER STEP forward to make this dream possible -

Yes, you have read that right.  I figuratively have to sell my self, through a well composed resume that is, in order for me to nail my dream job. . . 

Most often than not, newly graduates refer this stage as 'job hunting' but I think otherwise. why would I 'hunt' or search for that job when there are heaps of employment advertisements available almost everywhere? Don't get me wrong but there are many jobs out there, the key is not to be selective if your reason to have a job is merely to earn (minus the satisfaction).  On the other hand, young professionals search for a certain job since they want to enjoy  the soon-to-be-mundane-life  of being in the work force while earning a large sum of moolah.

This is my stand, don't 'hunt' for 'the job' because we'll scare it away just like what happens to a deer when hunters prey on it. Figuratively speaking, if we're chasing it, the more it wanders away so why don't we attack the other way around? actively waiting for it to come our way - take note, ACTIVELY waiting since we will never get something done if we just wait. Same thing in 'chasing the dream'; why would we 'chase' it if our dreams are just right in front of us? We just have to do something in order to achieve it - ATTRACT!

Going back, 'selling myself' or rather promoting/marketing myself to potential employers is my way in securing my dream job. yes, I did pick out this particular job since I am aiming to live my life doing a job I love, regardless of how much I would earn. Here comes my passion. . .

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