thousand cranes 「千羽ずる」


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Tsuru 「つる」or cranes have various connotations in arts and literatureIn Japan, cranes signify good fortune and longevity based on a popular belief that these animal live for a thousand years; moreover, these birds also represent fidelity because they are known to have one mate for their entire life. Further readings can be found HERE and HERE (must read).

Senbazuru 「せんばずる」is a set of one thousand tsuru origami attached to a string that signifies hope and peace. According to a Japanese legend, anyone who finishes folding one thousand paper cranes will be granted one wish. Further readings can be found HERE, HERE, and HERE (must read).

Bucket list / Wish List / To-do List, call it whichever you prefer but it all boils down to the things you want to do before your breathing stops. Related readings HERE and HERE.

With these thoughts in mind, I have come up with an idea of incorporating senbazuru in creating my "before-I-go-six-feet-under-list" I have to make one tsuru origami for each accomplishment and it would be more than a thousand since I may add another task as time pass by.

I will then attach all of these tsuru origamis together using a string to form a unique ornament. I say unique because it's not the contemporary way of putting all these paper cranes together. I will definitely post photos of its 'the-making'. . .

Listed below are the (NICE) things I aspire to do in order to LIVE WITH NO TREPIDATIONS. . . These are linked directly to the actual post which include the blow-by-blow descriptive narration of how I achieved the task.

ようこそ and have fun reading!!!

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