Oh!    こんいちは!

So you've decided to check out my "scribbles", ne?


I really fancy having a personal blog years back but I always end up not doing it because I do not know how to start, especially what to write about / include in the posts!    (poor me) Maybe it's not yet the right time for me to make one. . .  plus I'm worried nobody would find it interesting at all!

Took me a loooooong time (6 years to be exact) to finally realize that I don't have to worry if no one would ever read my posts. Having a personal blog (from the word itself) is far more different from those "how-to" and whatnot blogs that ought to be marketable in order to gain profit. 

You write because you find something that fascinates you; you write to express yourself; you write because it makes you fulfilled and having other people read your piece and unconsciously affect their lives in the process (either in a good or bad way) is the bonus (overwhelming) part of this whole thing.  


 Just my opinion. Not applicable to everyone

As for me, I write to remember --- just that.   It's not that I tend to forget things easily, I simply fancy having something to read when I reminisce. . .  

I want to start the year   doing something worthwhile and then SeiShouAi, which means 'LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE' 「生笑愛」materialized.

Basically, this is my 'online diary/journal' that will eventually become a laughingstock in the not so far future!   I find it amusing indeed, to have something that will enable me to look back and check whether I have
lived with no trepidations, 
laughed with no restrictions, 
and loved with no reservations! 

'nuf with the blog description part...

Now, if you ask me who I am or wish me to tell you something about myself, the probability of responding you with  or  is close to a hundred since I really don't know! I might utter something trivial --- my name, age, birthday, course, blood type you name it!
恥ずかしい! (still lost at this age!) でも as I welcome this year, I'll try getting to know myself more and be my own best friend. . . Maybe with the help of this blog, I can be fully acquainted with the AB personality or the so called 'split/dual personality' that dwells within me. . . ああそうそう!I blame my blood type for this! (How dare you keeping me confused for almost 22 years!) Yes, I believe I'm blabbering something sensible here. . . 
I'm not a Japanese by the way, though sometimes I wish I was. . .As you can see, I'm captivated with Japan's distinctive, remarkable and astounding culture and traditions that I even adapt some of it in my lifestyle.

よし!I'll probably end this post now to refrain me from further blurting babbles and whatnot. . . 
So, come and join me as I embark this exciting journey of
creating my self,
dreaming big,
taking risks,
attracting positivity,
living, laughing, and loving life! (all the time) 

Some random outbursts and shout outs and what not. . .

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