(one step closer)

Last year, I was okay with my life status --- I have a job, I can buy what I want, I enjoy the company of my workmates , I am safe, so I thought until I felt lost, stagnant, unsatisfied and incomplete; in short, not happy. I knew there’s something big missing in my life and I was absolutely aware of it but I dared not face it because it was an aspiration deemed unachievable. Nevertheless, the desire of fulfilling that Japanese dream became so intense that I began searching for possible employments available there that’s related with my expertise, which is communication. I was desperate since I left my job to fight for this dream and for a moment I fell into nothingness, enveloped with fear, buried with frustrations. Helpless. Anxious. Doomed.  I couldn't help but cry every time I felt that dreaming this dream was so naive. Impractical. Impossible. 

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