(words to live by)

Taking the first step may be the hardest part in doing something as well as the second, third, and even fourth if we focus on how far we still have to go but everything will turn out different with a positive attitude.
So chill. . .take it one step at a time and enjoy every moment, every chance, every success and even every failure because the 'arrival' alone doesn't give much stories compared to a wonderful and exciting journey and the lessons it offers!


(perfect timing)

I stumbled upon this blog when I was searching for motivational quotes about life and everything written here instantly connected with my 'PROJECT SEISHOUAI'. . . talking about perfect timing ne? 

I strongly recommend you check out his blog HERE.


(one step closer)

Last year, I was okay with my life status --- I have a job, I can buy what I want, I enjoy the company of my workmates , I am safe, so I thought until I felt lost, stagnant, unsatisfied and incomplete; in short, not happy. I knew there’s something big missing in my life and I was absolutely aware of it but I dared not face it because it was an aspiration deemed unachievable. Nevertheless, the desire of fulfilling that Japanese dream became so intense that I began searching for possible employments available there that’s related with my expertise, which is communication. I was desperate since I left my job to fight for this dream and for a moment I fell into nothingness, enveloped with fear, buried with frustrations. Helpless. Anxious. Doomed.  I couldn't help but cry every time I felt that dreaming this dream was so naive. Impractical. Impossible. 


(the best of both worlds)

IT’s astonishing how our birth date, zodiac sign and even blood type can explain who we are in general, like an outline, because I don’t believe it can actually define our truest essence as a person. I was born on the 11th of August year 1990 and according to Western Astrology, my zodiac sign is  or metal based on Chinese Astrology.


(a work in progress. . .)

I wanted this blog to be unique. I really hoped that my vision can be materialized using this blog and I wanted it to perfectly exhibit my desires, my dreams, my personality. Before I started this, I have a concept in mind that I want to incorporate in this whole blog thing; since I’m absolutely new in the blogging world, I envisioned it to be something distinctive and at the same time inspiring. I muster my strength to actually begin this project, as what I have explained in my first post entitled SCRIBBLES that you can read HERE. I write to express and not to impress so I specially designed my blog to be my ‘e-counterpart’, my online dairy, my electronic memoirs so I can remember every itsy bitsy details that will happen all throughout my stay here.


thousand cranes 「千羽ずる」


This is the LIVE MASTER POST and every post related to the theme "LIVE AND DREAM BIG" can be found here.

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Tsuru 「つる」or cranes have various connotations in arts and literatureIn Japan, cranes signify good fortune and longevity based on a popular belief that these animal live for a thousand years; moreover, these birds also represent fidelity because they are known to have one mate for their entire life. Further readings can be found HERE and HERE (must read).

Senbazuru 「せんばずる」is a set of one thousand tsuru origami attached to a string that signifies hope and peace. According to a Japanese legend, anyone who finishes folding one thousand paper cranes will be granted one wish. Further readings can be found HERE, HERE, and HERE (must read).

Bucket list / Wish List / To-do List, call it whichever you prefer but it all boils down to the things you want to do before your breathing stops. Related readings HERE and HERE.

red string 「赤い糸」


This is the LOVE MASTER POST and every post related to the theme "LOVE AND HAVE FAITH" can be found here.

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Do you believe in ‘DESTINY’? How about ‘SOULMATE’? These words may be overrated or underrated in some case nonetheless, I do, still do, and forever will believe in fate because it is us who create our own destiny. It may be preordained but at the end of the day, we have the power to choose and change things and it all depends on our attitude and perception of the events that happen to our lives. Same goes with our soul mate; we decide whether that person is ‘THE ONE’.

blissful seven 「ハッピーセブン」


This is the LAUGH MASTER POST and every post related to the theme "LAUGH AND TAKE RISK" can be found here.

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A lot of things are associated with the number 

[RELIGION] 7 deadly sins, 7 heavenly virtues, 7 contrary virtues, 7 corporal works of mercy, 7 sacraments, 7 I am's, 7 stations of the cross, 7 articles of faith, 7 chakra, 7 reincarnations,

[NATURE] 7 days in a week, 7 phases of the moon, 7 musical notes, 7 colors of the rainbow, 7 seas, 7 wonders of the world, 7 continents

[INDUSTRY] 777 (entertainment), 7eleven (convenience store), 7up (soda), mild Seven (cigarette), windows 7 (os), 7 samurai (arts and literature)


(old ways die hard)

What’s NEW in your new year’s resolution?

More often than not, many people around the globe take time to mull over some of their not-so-good habits evident from the previous year that they want change so as to begin a more decent lifestyle for the coming year. They do this either for their selves or for the benefit of everyone around them. . .



Oh!    こんいちは!

So you've decided to check out my "scribbles", ne?


(youkoso 2013!!!)

[PHOTO NOT MINE]; credits to the owner
Today marked the first page of my   days 'soul searching' and I actually began this year crying unintentionally  because of  so much happiness and excitement! 

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