(my hunch. . .)

We don't need to be sorry when we decide to act upon the things we want. Don't feel guilty if we hurt other's feelings in the process because when all things have been said and done, it is still OUR LIFE that is at stake and not theirs. Say sorry, mean it, explain why you did it and that's it. End of story. . .

It may be my impulsiveness and lack of patience but I really had the feeling of pursuing another work option so I left without doing the mock lesson. I am really sorry if ever I have wasted your time and effort but I rather follow my hunch than thinking what could have happened. . . I knew what I really wanted in the first place but I also considered other options if ever my initial plan will not turn out good. What frustrates me is that I still haven't got the chance to pursue MY OWN CHOICE until now.

I must do this now to avoid the feeling of regret. I just need support. . .

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