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Last year, I was okay with my life status --- I have a job, I can buy what I want, I enjoy the company of my workmates , I am safe, so I thought until I felt lost, stagnant, unsatisfied and incomplete; in short, not happy. I knew there’s something big missing in my life and I was absolutely aware of it but I dared not face it because it was an aspiration deemed unachievable. Nevertheless, the desire of fulfilling that Japanese dream became so intense that I began searching for possible employments available there that’s related with my expertise, which is communication. I was desperate since I left my job to fight for this dream and for a moment I fell into nothingness, enveloped with fear, buried with frustrations. Helpless. Anxious. Doomed.  I couldn't help but cry every time I felt that dreaming this dream was so naive. Impractical. Impossible. 

Then it hit me --- I’m not like this, I AM OPTIMISTIC IN ANY WAY, so why the hell am I downgrading myself?! I gathered my pathetic self up, mustered all that’s left with my cut down fighting spirit and got back to business. It wasn't that long when everything I ever needed to accomplish my dream came gushing in like mad that all I had to do was act fast, decide then there, and grab hold of this opportunity.

I found out the high demand of English teachers in Japan and with my new found strength and fervour  I started my TESOL/TEFL online training in hopes of teaching English in Japan and with much enthusiasm, I wholeheartedly gave my best in this training. I was so motivated that nothing, no one can ever stop me and discourage me in attracting my Japanese dream! 

Took me two months to finish the whole course and today, I finally received my TESOL/TEFL CERTIFICATE!

やった!Now I am one step closer to my dream. I know this is hard but giving up is never and will definitely not be an option and the possibility of failing is just lurking around the corner, silently bidding it’s time to pounce at the right moment nonetheless, I will know no fear. 



 Just recently I stumbled upon a blog that indeed encouraged me all the more in believing that dreams do come true. She’s Kaila, a Filipina who dreamt 10 years ago that she will be able to stroll around Harajuku dressed up with colorful clothes (Japanese street fashion) with her camera; and now, she IS LIVING HER DREAM! You must read her story HERE.

 From now on, I will keep moving forward and I will definitely not feel weary because no matter how long the distance I still need to face, I know that my dream is just right on the other end. So keep fighting! 


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