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What’s NEW in your new year’s resolution?

More often than not, many people around the globe take time to mull over some of their not-so-good habits evident from the previous year that they want change so as to begin a more decent lifestyle for the coming year. They do this either for their selves or for the benefit of everyone around them. . .

The last time I made one was in elementary school, an assignment, and I think that was my first and last. I honestly don’t fancy making a resolution as I tend to get restless and easily frustrated especially when I miss. The more I think of not doing something, the more temptations strike and then there’s this justification that’s quite acceptable whenever you give in – “Change takes time, I’ll lessen it little by little.”  - until your 365 days is over thus, listing the SAME thing in your NEW year’s resolution yet again.

So we’re back to square one. . . What’s NEW in your new year’s resolution?

「Nonetheless, I admire those people who are disciplined enough to actually see their resolutions through the end. おめでとう

I have been living a realistic life in the past 22 years and I have felt contented within this comfort level of my life – mundane, repetitive, dormant but safe and secure. I thought this would keep on for the coming years until recent discoveries change EVERYTHING - from my perceptions, ideals, and attitude to my goals. The feeling was so intense that it rekindled my desire to DREAM BIG and AIM FOR something that I deserve. As a matter of fact, I shunned myself from dreaming just to ensure that I live a practical life and desist to become idealistic.

For the past 10 years or so I hardly lived, I simply existed and now I’m doing everything (whatever it takes) to make amends for the time lost. Call it whatever you want, but for this year, I will guarantee that I’ll make every second of my life worthwhile. . . 

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