(a work in progress. . .)

I wanted this blog to be unique. I really hoped that my vision can be materialized using this blog and I wanted it to perfectly exhibit my desires, my dreams, my personality. Before I started this, I have a concept in mind that I want to incorporate in this whole blog thing; since I’m absolutely new in the blogging world, I envisioned it to be something distinctive and at the same time inspiring. I muster my strength to actually begin this project, as what I have explained in my first post entitled SCRIBBLES that you can read HERE. I write to express and not to impress so I specially designed my blog to be my ‘e-counterpart’, my online dairy, my electronic memoirs so I can remember every itsy bitsy details that will happen all throughout my stay here.

Let me begin with the template. I’m no techie so I had a hard time customizing my blog’s template to perfectly flaunt my idea. This was my original plan ---  however, it didn’t turned out as I originally expected so I made MAJOR modifications especially on the body part and side decorations and this is the outcome ---   As expected, it still did not work out the way I wanted it so I have to think for alternatives like using a free custom made template that’s readily available on the net like this ONE. Yet, I was not satisfied then I decided to use the default Travel template and made everything black. My initial plan was to make everything white to make it look like a blank canvass but I do not know how to make the sidebar and post background totally transparent so I opted to use black instead.

[UPDATE] As you can see, I totally changed my background for the nth time to make my posts easy to read. . . It's refreshing to eyes, I think. 
Next was the header. I’m perfectly satisfied with the outcome, thanks to all the digital scrapbooking embellishments and alphabets freebies I scoured from the net. Credits to ALEGNA DESIGNS, AKIZO DESIGNS, FAR FAR HILL, and SUPER SCRAPS.

Same thing with the gadgets: sharing buttons and social media icons from ADDTHIS; the hottest, home, historic links from BESTGFX; the post footer/divider from EYEINSPIRE; post tile icon and header divider from REIKA RAFITA and AKIZO DESIGNS respectively, the Pikachu (back to top) icon by YOSHI; the kamoji from MOKKU WORLD; and last but not the least, the king cool KC font by KIMBERLY GESWEIN and FangSong font from my sister’s laptop (I dunno where she downloaded it, sorry.)  

There’s a reason why I have failed using my customized background because I am satisfied with the look of my blog now, no complaint. you can read the whole concept of my blog HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Now this is my roller-coaster-tale-in-the-making on dreaming big, taking chances, having faith, loving with no reservations, laughing with no restrictions, and living with no trepidations.

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